Jeppesen Aviator

One app, many applications

Aviator is a suite of EFB solutions that increase airline efficiencies by streamlining pilot workflows and lowering ground operation costs. It transforms capabilities previously found in numerous mobile applications into a single, seamless, intuitive and easy-to-use EFB suite.

Why is Aviator right for you?

  • Streamline flight deck workflows with centralized access to your pilots’ most relevant EFB tools and data communication through aircraft connectivity
  • Reduce flight plan production, distribution and storage costs by completely digitizing the flight briefing process
  • Reduce airplane and airline document production and transport costs by making all relevant documents accessible in Aviator’s electronic content viewer
  • Reduce labor needs by digitizing the exchange of flight-relevant information between your flight deck and ground staff, pre-flight and post-flight
  • Minimize operational disruptions with built-in redundancies like backup navigation charts, flight plans or even device-to-device sync

With Aviator, your pilots have easy access to their flight briefings, weather data and a utility calculator within a single EFB application. They benefit from full document management capabilities, backup flight content and integrated access to other flight-relevant resources such as navigation charts, performance calculations, flight optimization tools or even your airline’s own solutions.

A configurable solution

We know that every airline is different. That’s why you can configure Aviator to include all the capabilities your operation needs, using the following modules:


Learn even more about Aviator

From an aviation professional’s evaluation of Aviator to the story of how four airline personnel integrate it into their day-to-day, explore how the solution suite can benefit you and your airline.

See Aviator in Action

View a short demo of Aviator 3.0 in action with the latest features that have been recently added.

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Here’s everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Aviator.

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