Jeppesen data and charts + ForeFlight app

Some things really are just better together

You asked. We listened. Jeppesen and ForeFlight have joined forces to deliver the superior data, charts and software pilots and flight operations around the world count on every day–all within one mobile app. This alliance promises you the ability to utilize Jeppesen’s proven navigation, flight information and operation solutions on ForeFlight’s robust EFB app. And, it’s also now available in both America and Europe.

Every aviation segment, from recreational pilots to global airlines, can benefit from this combined offering. You can plan a route in minutes using the interactive map or the form-based flights view. This comprehensive solution makes preflight planning fast and easy, regardless of your location. And it’s all backed by Jeppesen’s unwavering commitment to deliver world-class data.

By adding European coverage to our offering, ForeFlight Mobile becomes your single point of flight planning within one integrated app with all the essentials for VFR & IFR flying in Europe. The Graphical Route Advisor feature produces EUROCONTROL validated routes within a matter of seconds, presenting options for comparison on a visual preview map. Access to our industry-leading aviation data and flight charts can now literally be at your fingertips. Learn more here, or catch up on the latest blog updates here.

Our charts, ForeFlight's app

Jeppesen’s global library of terminal procedures and data-driven VFR and IFR enroute charts are available as an option in all ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans.

Are you a Jeppesen customer who doesn’t currently use ForeFlight? You can easily purchase ForeFlight Mobile and begin accessing your selected charts*.

To learn about linking your active Jeppesen subscription with ForeFlight mobile, or to purchase ForeFlight Mobile, visit the ForeFlight website.


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