Tail Assignment

You know the city pairs and the capacity your airline needs for each route. But how do you know which exact aircraft to assign to each flight? How can you fly more efficiently with your existing fleet? Put the best tail on the right route to ensure you are minimizing total fuel usage.

With Tail Assignment, you can improve aircraft utilization by factoring in crew connections, maintenance, fuel usage, operational costs and constraints for each aircraft in your fleet. With our solution, you can fly more before maintenance checks and align maintenance cycles reducing your fleet maintenance costs.

Optimize airline flight assignments and aircraft tail maintenance

The optimizer assigns flights to specific aircraft (tails), while taking maintenance requirements, operational constraints and crew connections into consideration. Tail Assignment lets you:

  • Improve on-time performance
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increase operational stability

Achieve higher aircraft utilization rates

Tail Assignment allows you to improve aircraft utilization so you fly more with a given number of aircraft. Our customers have found that optimizing flights and maintenance together results in about three percent higher aircraft utilization, on average. You can:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by more accurately aligning flight hours and maintenance cycles
  • Gain advanced simulation capabilities
  • Customize user interface and reporting based on your business needs
  • Integrate with Crew Pairing, Flight Planning and Ops Control for increased efficiency


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