Jeppesen Crew Rostering

Increase airline roster efficiency and quality while shortening your roster construction process

Strike the perfect balance, each month, to deliver the most optimized and balanced crew rosters while considering legality, crew availability, training, reserves, crew preferences, and other critical factors. The speed of our market-leading optimizers allows for a faster roster construction process – closer to the day of operation – allowing for greater roster and operational stability.

Optimized rosters for efficient operations

With Crew Rostering, you expedite the planning process, run what-if scenarios and build the highest quality rosters by:

  • Increasing roster productivity
  • Equalizing flying hours
  • Solving more complex rostering challenges
  • Developing more crew friendly rosters and increasing crew satisfaction

The Jeppesen advantage

Crew Rostering offers you maximum flexibility, enabling you to tailor the system to meet your airline’s specific objectives with in-house configuration.

  • Integrates seamlessly with our complementary crew modules to deliver a powerful and comprehensive Crew Management system
  • You are able to create the most optimized rosters that respect regulation and union rules, considers pre-assignments, meets training requirements, and maximizes stability and bid satisfaction
  • Our roster optimization engine handles complex operations, including standbys, training, qualifications and visa requirements, with preferential bidding enabling crew influence

Respect seniority while optimizing your rosters

Discover how our Strict Seniority PBS produces optimized rosters while reducing cost, maximizing revenue and improving crew well-being.

Bidding models to fit your style

Crew Rostering can be tailored to support the bid model you use, including weighted fair share, strict seniority (points or bid groups), or lifestyle.

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