Calendars, Certifications, and Currency List

Airway Manual Calendar

This calendar is intended to help you understand key dates associated with Jeppesen’s Airway Manual services. This calendar lists issue dates for revisions and AIRAC Effective dates.

Airport Qualification and Familiarization Chart Library

Airport Qualification and Familiarization Charts (FAA FAR 121.445 and ICAO DOC 7300, Annex 6 requirement).

European ATS Route Restrictions

Conditional Routes (CDRs) are designed to complement the permanent ATS route network. The purpose of CDRs is to allow flights to be planned on ATS routes or portions thereof, which are now always available. The CDR information is integrated in the listing of European ATS Route restrictions.

European Enroute Documents

The Route Availability Document (RAD) is a sole source planning document by Eurocontrol to facilitate flight planning and improve ATFCM capacity management. It provides a single, fully integrated and coordinated routing scheme.

TSR 1562 - Operations in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area

Enhanced security procedures for operations at certain airports in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area flight restricted zone.

World Geodetic System Status Report

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specifies the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS-84) or equivalent as the geodetic reference datum Standard for air navigation latitude/longitude coordinates. This Report indicates the status of country compliance with the ICAO WGS-84 Standard.

The WGS-84 Status Report is based on information in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) or equivalent publication of each country. Many countries include only international airport and airspace information in their AIP. The coordinates associated with domestic and military airports and airspace may not be WGS-84 compliant.