Jeppesen NOTAM Management Tool

Save time managing NOTAMs

Our NOTAM Management Tool allows ground operations to search, filter, sort, edit and create NOTAMs based on user-defined parameters. It reduces the labor investment required to process flight-relevant NOTAMs and shortens flight crew briefing times, while assuring pilots are aware of NOTAMs you define as being most important to your operation.

Better NOTAM management begins with better NOTAMs

Saving time managing NOTAMs begins with improving the quality of the notices you work with. Jeppesen analysts monitor and collect NOTAMs from sources around the globe, including the FAA, EuroControl and numerous local, in-country authorities. NOTAMs are consolidated, interpreted, clarified, edited, classified and translated all before they even reach your operations.

Now search, filter, automate and alert

With our NOTAM Management Tool, your ground operations spend less time managing – and your flight crews less time briefing – with useful search, filter, automation and alert functions.

  • Search NOTAMs by attribute, geographical location or flight route affiliation
  • Filter NOTAMs by subject, flight, phase of flight or terminal to eliminate irrelevant NOTAMs from search results
  • Automate queries during flight plan compilation and receive updates to search results upon receipt of new, cancelled or edited NOTAMs
  • Alert staff of new, deleted or changed NOTAMs affecting specific flights, terminals or airspace, and ensure notices are reviewed and receive appropriate action

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