Jeppesen Ground Controls

Multiple ground applications combined into one powerful suite

With Ground Controls, you and your ground operations crew can create, revise, update and delete company enroute data, charts and maps with a single, web-based application. Ground Controls is a powerful set of tools integrating applications, utilities and services into a single, permissions-based suite that gives you maximum control, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Only Jeppesen offers you and your ground operations team a comprehensive, intuitive solution that streamlines work processes, reduces workload and improves outcomes. Ground Controls integrates the following modules into a single suite:
  • Ground Controls improves overall efficiency by operating though a common interface and workflow, providing a solution to multiple personas within your company and reducing the need for specialized training. Ensure company specific information is at the right place, at the right time, where pilots can see it and act upon it
  • Increased operational flexibility and efficiency by creating, publishing and distributing data, charts and maps on demand and independent of established cycles
  • Increased information accuracy across your operations by synchronizing data across all platforms simultaneously
  • Reduced time needed for ground staff to process chart alerts
  • Increased information security by creating and distributing customized content in house, improving the ability to respond quickly to changes through real time distribution of company content
Tailored Maps

An all-in-one solution for ground control operations

Only Jeppesen offers you and your ground operations team a comprehensive, intuitive solution that streamlines work processes, reduces workload and improves outcomes.

  • Access the suite of ground solutions: Only Ground Controls combines similar capabilities, that other providers may offer, into a single suite (customer inserted content, tailored enroute data, alert filtering, chart viewing and a EFB backup solution)
  • Insert company content: Publish charts, airport briefings, company NOTAMs and other pages to the respective EFB airport and content category real time or date specific
  • Self-service tailoring of company enroute data: Airlines can supplement Jeppesen dynamic enroute data with company specific enroute content such as fleets, company airports, airport and fleet notes, company and location-based communications, boundaries, waypoints and grid MORA – information that can be used to create airport briefs and enroute decompression escape routes
  • Manage chart alerts: Ground staff can automatically filter chart alerts not applicable to their coverage, process alerts faster, and better document action taken
  • Protect operational continuity with backup charting: A web-based backup service assures that you and your pilots always have real time access to the navigational charts needed to keep your fleet moving safely


View a Recorded Demo of Tailored Maps

Get a firsthand view of the incredibly powerful Tailored Maps module within Jeppesen Ground Controls. Through this new service, customers can create, publish, and manage navigational content in minutes instead of weeks, and be in control of their own company data.

In this webinar, you’ll see firsthand how the new Jeppesen Ground Controls with Tailored Maps will allow your ground operations to send updates to FliteDeck Pro X in minutes, increasing pilots’ situational awareness and improving overall operations.

Ground Controls with Tailored Maps allows you to supplement standard Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro enroute data with:

  • Your company fleets
  • ETOPS range rings
  • Airport usage
  • Notes
  • Company and location-based communications
  • Company waypoints and boundaries

Additionally, we will show how to utilize these elements to create airport briefing pages and enroute diversion, and escape procedures such as decompression and terrain avoidance.