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Dispatch Products

When it comes to dispatch, you need accurate, timely data that you can depend on for maximum efficiency and safety. When you use our Dispatch Products, rest assured you’re using the most state-of-the-art, reliable and trusted solutions available. Dispatch Products include a comprehensive portfolio of dispatch support tools – Weather, NOTAM, Weight and Balance, and Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM).


Jeppesen Weather is now provided by The Weather Company, a leader in aviation weather globally. Jeppesen Weather offers the most robust aviation weather information available today.

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Jeppesen/DW International RAIM

Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) is a technology developed to assess the integrity of signals in a GPS receiver system. It’s particularly important in safety-critical GPS applications used in aviation navigation. RAIM enabled GPS can be certified as a primary means of navigation in transoceanic flights, as well as for supplemental navigation in domestic flights enroute or in non-precision approaches.

RAIM meets the demands of area navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) specifications to facilitate more efficient design of airspace and procedures, which may result in improved safety, access, capacity, predictability, operational efficiency and environmental conditions. Specifically, improved access and flexibility for point-to-point operations help enhance reliability and reduce delays by defining more precise terminal area procedures. They also can reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

RAIM and RNAV procedures provide benefits in all phases of flight, including departure, enroute, arrival, approach and transitioning airspace. For example, RNAV Standard Terminal Arrivals Routes (STARs) can provide the following:

  • Increase predictability of operations
  • Reduce controller/aircraft communications
  • Reduce fuel burn with more continuous vertical descents
  • Reduce miles flown in Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) airspace
  • Reduce interaction between dependent flows in multiplex airspace

Jeppesen flight planning includes integrated RAIM reports. Jeppesen also offers a unique ‘watch’ service where a customer’s list of airports can be stored and compared to the GPS NOTAMs as they are issued, thereby providing a regular warning system to which their dispatchers can refer without the need to submit a flight plan to the tool.  The Jeppesen/DWI system also conducts its RAIM analysis using an algorithm that is ‘more conservative’ than the actual FMS algorithms so they do not need to be obtained by the FMS manufacturers. It also now offers a RAIM web interface for non-flight planning customers.  We also offer a regularly scheduled RAIM service that automatically conducts the analysis and sends an email to the customer with selected airports and forecasted outages, depending on the aircraft.

Required Navigation Performance

Jeppesen can help you chart the most economical course to implement RNP operations that reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise. We provide a complete Performance Based Navigation program that includes Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-qualified AC90-101 consultants, RNP and RNAV flight procedure design that takes maximum advantage of your fleet, and analysis of your fleet missions and route structure to map and optimize RNP implementation strategy. Specifically, RNP provides:

  • RNP readiness assessment to determine current status and potential
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Design, validation, test, coding and delivery of procedures
  • OEM coordination to provide modifications, certification, op specs and manual revisions
  • Supplier and contractor service management for your project
  • Pilot and Dispatch training program development
  • RNP procedure/data comparison/validation
  • RNP procedure delivery integrated into NavData files

Dispatch Services

Jeppesen Dispatch Services provide global flight planning support for all phases of flight that are regulatory compliant and customized to each customer’s unique operation. Our 24/7/365 team works with you to fill any operational gap to enable your business to be more efficient and risk adverse. We bring decades of industry competitive expertise along with exceptional service delivery.

In a rapidly changing aviation market, Jeppesen delivers the expertise and skillset flexibility that modern operators need to stay competitive. We solve aviation’s most complex tasks by providing experts whose sole mission is to remove operational burdens and optimize efficiencies.

Jeppesen Flight Dispatch

Flight Dispatch Services provide expert and personalized services for commercial airlines and corporate flight departments.

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