Smart Airport Maps

Smart Airport Maps for Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro improve pilot situational awareness and workflows to reduce operational costs associated with the airport phase of flight.

  • Shorten taxi times
  • Reduce taxiway fuel burn
  • Support safe ground movements
  • Improve pilot positional and situational awareness

We’ve added Smart EFB technology to over 1,000 airport moving maps, giving pilots access to contextual airport information unique to their aircraft type, weather conditions and operation-specific preferences, visible right in FliteDeck Pro.

In addition to contextual information, Smart Airport Maps include all the functionality available in Jeppesen’s trusted airport moving maps.

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Smart Airport Maps

Human Factors Tested

Jeppesen commissioned an independent human factors research institute to test smart airport map with dozens of airline pilots at the Technical University of Wildau. Their research concluded, that with Smart Airport Maps in Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, pilot…

• Workload is significantly reduced
• Positional awareness improved
• Heads-down time significantly reduced
• Application usability improved
• Stress significantly reduced
• Information accessibility improved

Reduce Taxiway Fuel Burn

Researchers observed a reduction in taxi time (both taxi-in and taxi-out) with the use of the smart airport map capability in Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro. This indicates that in addition to the qualitative improvements pilots attained through the new capability, this smart EFB technology delivers quantitative benefits such as reduced fuel burn associated with shorter taxi times.

Benefit from Added Connectivity

Combine Jeppesen’s ADS-B Connectivity Pack with Smart Airport Maps the depiction of aircraft and vehicle traffic on your Smart Airport Maps.

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