Jeppesen Airport Moving Maps

Airport Moving Maps improve pilot situational awareness during ground movements through own-ship depiction on highly detailed mobile EFB maps. This includes dynamic rendering of runways, taxiways, stop bars and other airport structures. This information enables pilots to increase safety and operate their aircraft as efficiently as possible.

More than just charts

Airport Moving Maps provide you with more detail than any product in its class, without a cluttered depiction, to simplify decision making for the pilot.
• Reduce pilot stress levels
• Improve pilot positional and situational awareness
• Increase taxiway and runway safety
• Shorten taxi times

Detailed holding positions

Runway safety hot spots and taxiway closures

Colored-coded taxiway centerlines

Empower your pilots with fast situational awareness

Airport Moving Maps increases capabilities for your pilots, enabling them to:
• Easily toggle between the dynamic Airport Moving Maps view and 10-9 airport diagrams and other charts with a single touch
• Automatically display Airport Moving Maps upon landing (if desired)
• Display Airport Moving Maps with or without own-ship, based on your airline’s regulatory approval
• Re-center map over current position with a single touch
• Toggle between North Up or Track Up depiction
• Highlight intended taxi route or mark other important items on the map

How can Jeppesen's airport maps make your operations safer and operate more efficient?

Airport Moving Maps on your front panel

Airport Moving Maps is also available as a data service in ARINC816 format for the front panel of a variety of aircraft. Contact your Jeppesen representative to learn which models are supported.

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Making your EFB smarter

Integrating Airport Moving Maps into FliteDeck Pro was just the first step our software development teams have taken to make your EFB truly smart. It marks the beginning of an entirely new innovation cycle which will bring new technology, functionality and value to your Jeppesen EFB.

EFB Program Authorization Support

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