Jeppesen Manpower Planning

Optimize resource plans to ensure just-right and in-time headcount where and when you need it

Build an optimal airline crew resource plan with Manpower Planning. Strategically plan for the long term, balance resources to manage peaks of demand, and continually analyze for future improvement planning. Recognize lower costs, shorter time to publish, and higher roster quality.

Take the guesswork out of your manpower, leave and training plans

By way of our powerful optimizers, Manpower Planning analyzes forecasted and known production while taking into consideration training activities, ground duties, career movements, leave and other critical factors in order to deliver accurate planning. Manpower Planning helps you make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize resources.

  • Improve crew utilization through optimized training planning and resource planning decisions
  • Develop more precise budgets and forecasts through integration and calculation granularity
  • Develop and compare different scenarios based on key performance objectives
  • Explore what-if scenarios to plan for any contingency

The Jeppesen advantage

With Manpower Planning, you can ensure that you always have enough qualified crew – at the right time and at the lowest cost.

  • A powerful customization framework enables you to easily change rules, reports, data interfaces and optimization cost drivers
  • Market-leading optimization for maximum cost savings and efficiency
  • Decision support tools, such as what-if simulations for union negotiations
  • Regular new system releases, dedicated service managers and on-site checkups, where both the system and processes are analyzed, ensure your system is always up to date
  • Powerful and granular analysis features make everything from long-term trend analysis to comparisons to supply-and-demand forecasting easier
  • Automate tedious tasks, freeing you to work on value-creation instead of minutiae
  • Customizable KPIs, reports, an intuitive user interface, and calculations for specific needs help you stay in control

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