Jeppesen OpsData

Airport, runway and aircraft performance data solution

Save time and fuel costs by using the most comprehensive airport, runway and aircraft performance data available. Its precise and reliable engine-out performance data enables maximum takeoff weight and speed calculations for thousands of airports worldwide.

For commercial airlines, military and business aviation operators, OpsData provides the data and tools to support regulatory performance requirements. OpsData offers convenient access to all your data via the web based platform and from there gives you a variety of options for data export, including email and PDF downloads from Jeppesen Runway Analysis and a wide variety of output formats for Airport Data.

Features and benefits

  • Web-based interface allows for 24/7 access to the performance calculations and airport data
  • Reduced time spent on manual flight data tasks
  • Increased airline cargo and improved operational process
  • Faster decision-making and compliance with aviation regulatory requirements

With over 200 different aircraft/engine combinations deployed for use by customers today, our performance modules use take-off and landing calculations either obtained directly from the manufacturer or developed in house by the software development team. These in-house modules are tested and validated to within a 1% tolerance margin.

Plus, our airport data product is based on the most complete and up-to-date airport, terrain, and obstacle database. Data and procedures are continuously being reviewed and updated based on changes to navigation data and NOTAM updates. Engine out procedures are designed to meet regulatory requirements while at the same time maximizing payload. Custom procedures and graphical procedures are available to enhance your experience.

Jeppesen Runway Analysis

Runway Analysis maximizes payload and profits by providing the most optimum maximum takeoff weight calculations while meeting regulatory requirements. It utilizes the world’s most comprehensive airport, runway and obstacle databases to calculate takeoff and landing performance data for more than 200 different aircraft/engine combinations.


  • Optimize payloads during takeoff
  • Fuel and time savings
  • Reduce disruption risk potential
  • Improve operational process
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Access to database of 3,700 airports worldwide
  • Current database per aviation publications, terrain and obstacle databases

Features and capabilities

  • Calculations for a specific aircraft at a given runway with exact temperature, wind and runway conditions, intersections, runway length adjustments and temporary obstacle data.
  • Web interface allows you to run single point (single temperature and wind condition) or mini-table (multiple temperatures and wind conditions) for specific aircraft
  • Access to graphical representation of engine-out procedures

Jeppesen Airport Data

Airport Data provides customers with runway declared distances, terrain and obstacle information, as well as Special Departure Procedures (SDPs) or Engine-Out Procedures to maximize takeoff weights. It contains runway, obstacle and engine-out procedures for thousands of airports worldwide.


  • Access to database of 3,700 airports worldwide
  • Current database per aviation publications, terrain and obstacle databases
  • Reduce time spent on flight manual tasks
  • Improve operational process
  • Reduce risk potential
  • Build special departure engine-out procedures

Features and capabilities

  • Web interface – 24/7 access to up-to-date airport data
  • Tailored procedure design
  • Airport data available in over 15 file formats suitable for various aircraft performance applications to meet customers’ needs
  • Integration with charting and NavData products
  • NOTAM data with effectivity of 60 days and more available for all airports
  • NOTAM data with effectivity of less than 60 days available for 830 airports (increasing)

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