Jeppesen Ops Control

After months of planning to find the best routes, the right schedule, and resources to complete the mission, it all comes down to the day of operation. What obstacles are standing between your airline and the perfect day? How much time will you have to react?

With Ops Control, operations center managers are able to see and address down-line impacts before they occur, allowing them to make faster, smarter decisions and quickly adjust to the day’s operational challenges. And with our Aircraft Recovery Solver, unravelling complex schedule and resource problems becomes much easier.

Minimize same-day flight issues with this complete aircraft movement management system

  • Reducing recovery time while protecting revenue
  • Detecting critical problems early
  • Spending less time managing routine tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Maximizing service level by minimizing perceived disturbances

Support fast, cost-efficient decisions on the day of operations

No two airlines are exactly the same. With Ops Control, you can configure our system with your business rules and key performance indicators. Easily visualize operational costs and how they differ with every change.

  • Alert monitor: Early detection of critical irregularities
  • Scenario Manager: Run multiple, complex recovery scenarios simultaneously to be evaluated against your key performance indicators
  • Aircraft recovery solver: Advanced optimization engine generates recovery solutions to proactively mitigate disruptions
  • Custom prioritization: Prioritize based on your business rules, customizable user interface and report



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