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For more than 80 years, Jeppesen and aviation have evolved together

Since 1934, when Captain E.B. Jeppesen began selling the world’s first aviation navigation charts, the company that bears his name has evolved alongside — not in response to — aviation. We aren’t providers. We’re partners. We’re co-pilots. And just as it was with Captain Jeppesen, the spirit of pilot helping pilot guides everything we do.

A proud member of the Boeing family since 2000

Jeppesen is proud to be part of the One Boeing community, focused on the needs of global defense, space and aviation customers from all markets, regardless of their equipment’s original manufacturer. With engineering, digital analytics, supply chain and training support spanning across both the government and commercial service offerings, we are uniquely positioned to keep passengers flying, and nations safe.

A culture of quality drives a culture of trust

Companies don’t stay aloft as long as we have through transactions. Relationships drive our success, and we prove every day – around the world — that global doesn’t mean impersonal. The continuous conversations we have with our customers and other partners inform our pursuit and development of new and better ways to serve aviation. This results in products and services of the highest possible quality, informed, inspired and co-designed by those who ultimately use them.

As a company driving the digital aviation transformation, we are committed to seeing everything through the eyes of our customers. We develop a culture of trust within our organization and with our customers by improving what we do every step of the way. We promise to pursue quality in everything we do by ensuring:

  • We have the best team with the best skills.
  • We are all engaged in our commitment to doing what is right for our customers.
  • We take ownership of the work we do from beginning to end.
  • We support each other, from management to front-line contributor, to ensure only quality products and services are delivered to our customers.
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Our future: Fearless innovation

We don’t know what the future will hold. We just know we’re ready to meet it.  From the first copy sold of Captain Jeppesen’s famed little black book to the advanced avionics, flight planning, and crew solutions we provide today, our products and services combine practicality with ingenuity. Our portfolio may change constantly, but our mindset doesn’t. Our dedicated employees are passionate about creating the future of digital aviation, together.

Our present: Constant collaboration

Aviation might not evolve as dramatically now as it did in 1934, but aviation technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. The map is never really drawn; instead, we’re always in the process of drawing it, with each iteration sharper in focus and more insightful. Our solutions are the result of truly understanding aviation and aviators. We don’t react to needs. We meet them proactively by partnering with you and leveraging our strong relationships with other leading aviation organizations.

Our past: Pioneers in the history of aviation

Our story started with Captain Jeppesen and his little black book. We began when aviation itself was very young, literally exploring uncharted territory and creating the foundation for safe, efficient predictable air travel as we know it. We never waited for “someone else” to do it and never will. Aviation is by definition a disruptive technology — something that, once introduced, makes everything before it outdated. We’ve got a proud history of being disruptive in the best possible way.


Captain E.B. Jeppesen begins selling copies of his “little black book,” the world’s first reliable aviation charts, from his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company would move to Denver in 1941. 


Jeppesen collaborates with the US Civil Aviation Authority, which would later become the FAA, to develop standard instrument approach procedures and establish the National Flight Data Center. 

Jeppesen commemorative charts

Over the past three decades, Jeppesen has created special charts honoring public figures and other members of the extended Jeppesen family for their contributions to aviation. To date, there have been more than 130 charts designed, honoring such luminaries as Harrison Ford; Sully Sullenburger and Jeff Skiles; Bob Hoover and the men of the Tuskegee Airman. Many of these projects are done with a light-hearted touch, but they are also meant to convey our deep respect for their recipients. Below are some of our more memorable charts.

EAA 50th anniversary chart

Organization/Affiliation: EAA Airventure

Chart Title: 50 years in KOSH

Chart Date: July 2019

AOPA 80th anniversary chart

Organization/Affiliation: AOPA

Chart Title: 80th anniversary commemorative chart

Chart Date: July 2019

Mark Van Tine

Organization/Affiliation: Retired Jeppesen CEO

Chart Title: Parker, Colo. (Rwy 23)

Chart Date: June 2016

Apollo 13

Organization/Affiliation: NASA

Chart Title: Third Lunar Landing Mission

Chart Date: July 2015

Sean D. Tucker

Organization/Affiliation: Aerobatic Pilot

Chart Title: KSDT/SDT

Chart Date: 2014

Santa Claus

Organization/Affiliation: Santa’s Workshop

Chart Title: North Pole Village

Chart Date: 2016

Robert "Bob" Hoover

Organization/Affiliation: WWII Vet, Aviator, Test pilot, Air show pilot

Chart Title: Edwards AFB, California

Chart Date: 2012

Tuskegee Airmen "Red Tails"

Organization/Affiliation: WWII Veteran pilot group

Chart Title: Tuskegee, Alabama

Chart Date: 2012

Hudson River Miracle "Sullenberger/Skiles"

Organization/Affiliation: US Airways Flight 1549

Chart Title: New York, New York

Chart Date: 2010

Eugene "Gene" Cernan

Organization/Affiliation: Naval aviator and astronaut

Chart Title: Pensacola, Florida

Chart Date: 2013

Harrison Ford

Organization/Affiliation: Aviator and actor

Chart Title: Jackson, Wyoming

Chart Date: 2005