Jeppesen Crew Pairing

Increase operational crew efficiency while developing the most productive work duties

Crew efficiency, fatigue, operational robustness, crew satisfaction and crew costs are critical objectives for any airline. With Crew Pairing, and our world-leading optimization engine, you have the ability to build crew pairing solutions while considering all relevant constraints for your airline. When an airline starts using Crew Pairing, our experience shows direct crew cost savings in the range of 3 – 15 percent, while improving your most critical objectives.

Increase productivity and operational stability

Our Crew Pairing solution gives you an edge through:

  • Higher quality plans – develop the most efficient and stable plan by considering all relevant airline objectives
  • Faster planning – optimization speed and power handles more complexity and ‘what-if’ scenarios to produce options quickly
  • Analysis capabilities – derive intelligent insights to support data driven decisions

The Jeppesen advantage

Crew Pairing is the clear solution when you need to create optimized, anonymous crew itineraries with dramatically minimized cost:

  • Market-leading pairing optimization engine handles multiple crew bases, variable crewing, several agreements, large numbers of flights and many aircraft types, helping you run complex operations with ease
  • Customizable framework lets the planner easily control rules, reports, data interfaces and optimization cost drivers, putting you in control of costs
  • Decision support tools, such as what-if simulations for time-table analysis (retiming), crew base analysis and union negotiations, help you create the most cost efficient schedule possible
  • Long-term budget planning enables hotel forecasting and gives valuable feedback to your manpower planning process, minimizing unnecessary costs
  • Fatigue-model integration support during pairing optimization, to maximize flight safety already in the planning phase
  • Best-in-class after-market offering, giving you the service and support you may need to maximize your system benefits

Like other solutions in the category, production planning sits at the core of Jeppesen Crew Pairing. But unlike other solutions, our capabilities extend further—to include long-term planning and strategic analysis.

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