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Optimizing your mission with advanced digital aviation solutions powering government and military operations around the world. Whether you’re focused on asset readiness, asset optimization or operational sustainability, you can count on us to enhance your mission success.
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Successful missions start with successful planning.

Our advanced digital solutions and services empower your mission planning experts with the tools they need to successfully support all types of government and military flight operations.

ForeFlight Dispatch

A next-generation, multi-user, web-based flight planning solution that delivers greater efficiency and productivity for military flight operations of any size.

ForeFlight Dispatch has powerful features like centralized global flight planning, DD-1801 filing support, aerial refueling planning, global weather and much more.

Jeppesen Airport Data

Utilize the industry’s most complete and up-to-date global airport data, available in a variety of formats.

Database includes over 4,300 airports worldwide including military bases and airfields that help improve maximum takeoff weight and speed calculations, while helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Jeppesen Runway Analysis

Save time and fuel by using the most comprehensive takeoff and landing performance calculations available with airport, runway and obstacle databases in conjunction with aircraft performance data.

Jeppesen Mission Planning and Military Dispatch Services

Remove operational burdens by using our expert and personalized services for global mission planning, dispatch and flight planning supporting all phases of flight.

Certificated FAA aircraft dispatchers standing by 24/7/365 for mission planning and military dispatch support services.

Jeppesen Fleet Insight

Next generation flight tracking uniquely positioned to help dispatchers, operations specialists and managers stay aware and ahead of changing conditions.

Improved insights into current fleet status help mitigate the impact of disruptive events and improve situational awareness.

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