Jeppesen RouteSync

Reduce airline delays and optimize flight route plans

RouteSync is a data distribution framework that automatically synchronizes, monitors and records flight route data between an airline’s operation center and the aircraft’s flight management computer.

Benefits of RouteSync

  • Reduce delay costs by automatically uploading flight plan data to the flight management computer and shortening turnaround times by five to ten minutes
  • Improve safety by reducing entry errors caused by manual entry and verifying flight management computer data in automatic cross-check validations
  • Optimize flight plans based on current conditions closer to the actual flight by being able to quickly update route data automatically
  • Improve flight record management through the automatic recording of ACARS messages for use in post-flight analysis

RouteSync monitors all ACARS AOC data in real-time for incorporation into ground service flight efficiency applications and stores the data for use in flight records and post-flight analytics. It is the only product that manages all flight management computer message sets including performance data and full route data from runway to runway with > 99% reliability.

RouteSync can be implemented as an independent airline flight management aid or integrate with any flight planning or flight efficiency system.

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