Jeppesen Crew Tracking

Recover from disrupted airline crew rosters faster

Crew Tracking simplifies the airline crew recovery process and allows you to maintain operational efficiency even during major disruptions. We provide tools for detecting, resolving and following up on changes to the originally published crew plans.

Minimize crew costs following disruption

Our Crew Tracking solution supports a details-on-demand approach with an Alert Monitor that presents any problem that needs to be addressed, such as crew members with short connections, missed check-ins or crew missing passports. You have advanced tools for navigating and resolving identified issues and to repair or re-plan crew rosters to minimize operational impacts.

  • See problems faster: Better visualization of problems and shorter lead times to build the best solution, which results in move savings thanks to better sorting.
  • Your airline, your rules: Flexible rules engine allows you to configure the system to match to your business rules and processes.
  • The power of integration: Works seamlessly with Crew Rostering and Crew Pairing

The Jeppesen advantage

We help you make quick, efficient and accurate changes to crew plans.

  • The Alert Monitor allows you to stay in control by supporting prioritization
  • Deliver recovery options and run what-if scenarios based on your key performance objectives
  • Quickly view, analyze, and adjust trips and rosters with the Tracking Editor while legality checking runs instantly and automatically

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