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Comprehensive. Integrated. Flexible. Scalable. Jeppesen’s end-to-end commercial aviation solutions help to keep your airline efficient and safe, flight after flight after flight. We can work with you to manage everything from fuel efficiency to flight planning to crew fatigue.

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For airlines looking to achieve comprehensive optimization, Jeppesen’s and Boeing’s 40-plus digital solutions sync across every phase of your operation—from pre-flight planning to post-flight analysis. See how they work together to help solve critical issues like minimizing disruption and improving team utilization. 

Manpower Planning

Build an optimal airline crew resource plan with Jeppesen Manpower Planning. Strategically plan for the long term, balance resources to manage peaks of demand, and continually analyze for future improvement planning. Recognize lower costs, shorter time to publish, and higher roster quality.

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Aircraft Routing

Our Aircraft Routing solution helps airlines improve profitability by factoring in revenue forecasts, maintenance, operational costs and constraints for each subfleet, or even individual aircraft, in your operation. By modeling the unique characteristics of each subfleet, you can determine the most effective way to route your airplanes considering both commercial and operational aspects.

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Crew Pairing

Crew efficiency, fatigue, operational robustness, crew satisfaction and crew costs are critical objectives for any airline. With Crew Pairing, and our world-leading optimization engine, you have the ability to build crew pairing solutions while considering all relevant constraints for your airline. When an airline starts using Crew Pairing, our experience shows direct crew cost savings in the range of 3 – 15 percent, while improving your most critical objectives.

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Crew Rostering

Strike the perfect balance, each month, to deliver the most optimized and balanced crew rosters while considering legality, crew availability, training, reserves, crew preferences, and other critical factors. The speed of our market-leading optimizers allows for a faster roster construction process – closer to the day of operation – allowing for greater roster and operational stability.

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Tail Assignment

Tail Assignment helps airlines to improve aircraft utilization by factoring in crew connections, maintenance, fuel usage, operational costs and constraints for each aircraft in your fleet. Put the best tail on the right route to ensure you are minimizing total fuel usage. Fly more before maintenance checks and align maintenance cycles to reduce fleet maintenance costs.

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Fatigue Risk Management

Managing fatigue risk not only helps you address major safety issues and regulations, it makes your operation more efficient. Jeppesen Fatigue Risk Management provides strategies and proven solutions to fatigue risk issues. The solution suite covers the entire crew management process and also provides tools for crew members to forecast and minimize fatigue. It is the only model available today that works in real-time with crew optimizers to proactively reduce risk ahead of the flight.

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