Jeppesen MilPlanner

Secure, reliable flight planning for every mission

Successful missions start here. MilPlanner takes your government and military flight planning to the next level by answering the growing demands and requirements for increasingly diverse aircraft fleets and operating environments for government and military organizations. MilPlanner’s enhanced rendering, configurable layouts and optimized routes enable effective and efficient operations of every size, complexity and duration.

Our solution can help you manage all your missions from start to finish with real-time visibility in a single, integrated system with access to all your mission-critical information when and where you need it. We execute, analyze, improve and streamline redundant tasks through automated workflows and rules by maximizing payloads with precise, reliable performance calculations.

Successful missions start here

MilPlanner’s capabilities support the specific needs of government and military aviation. You can count on us to ensure you have a product that meets your unique needs from the ground up, not an all-purpose aviation solution modified to fit. We offer:

  • Customizable templates and layouts supporting your unique mission types and requirements
  • Multiple-scenario analysis for complex missions and dynamic conditions
  • Rules-based actions, alerts and automated workflows
  • Enhanced rendering and graphical overlays including flight plan route, NavData, winds, weather and other variables
  • Air-to-ground communication integration providing valuable real-time information updates

Flexible, secure and reliable

You can count on MilPlanner to function in even the most challenging environments. IT security, powerful functionality and configurability put it on the front line in government and military aviation operations mission after mission.

  • Use locally or as a hosted solution
  • Deploy on a single computer or a complete network for multiple concurrent users
  • Features disconnected flight planning capability
  • Enables you to import your route of flight into Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro
  • Able to integrate with other operations support solutions, including Jeppesen Mission Management Suite (M2S)

Execute, analyze and improve

Our MilPlanner solution makes it possible for you to turn data into action with features that help you execute successful missions now, analyze them to find areas for improvement, and create even more successful, smarter missions, with every tool you need in one package.

  • Centralized command and control enables decentralized execution
  • Increased visibility and improved communication among mission stakeholders
  • Get the latest aircraft and crew assignments, flight plans, weather, NOTAMs and diplomatic clearances as part of a complete crew-briefing package
  • Run predictive airspace, fuel, or mission scenarios and simulations for better insight into future missions

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Jeppesen provides both Basic and Advanced level training to our MilPlanner customers as part of our support package. The exact number of classes per year varies based upon specific contractual agreements.  Please see your organization’s nominated training contact for exact details of upcoming courses, or contact your Jeppesen Account Manager for further information.

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