Jeppesen Military NavData®

Plan and fly the mission with confidence using the most trusted and complete aeronautical navigation database available: Jeppesen Military NavData

More than 1 million pilots around the world fly with Jeppesen data every day.

Jeppesen Military NavData delivers all the features of our worldwide database in a format compatible with U.S. DoD military specifications.

  • Worldwide coverage: Nearly 16,000 airfields and 8,000 heliports – more than any other database available
  • More content: More than 2.6 million data records with over 100,000 procedures
  • Quality: ISO 9001 quality process certification, DO-200B quality process compliant and FAA LoA 1 Certification
  • Department of Defense: Letter of Acceptance from the U.S. Navy and compatible with DoD mission planning systems
  • Performance-Based Navigation: Jeppesen Military NavData is PBN-ready
  • Centralized update software system (JDM Pro): Complies with the latest EASA and FAA requirements for tracking of data packages and device management

Why do you need Military NavData?

  • Truly global data – the most complete and trusted military navigation data available
  • Highest quality data – backed by comprehensive and certified quality assurance processes
  • Most accurate data – skilled analysts meticulously verify our database using thousands of business rules
  • Enables better sustainability – more complete data leads to improved optimization and greater operational efficiency
  • Unrivaled customer support 24/7 – we help get your missions executed

Jeppesen Military NavData by the numbers

The Jeppesen Aviation Database contains more than 2.6 million data records. It’s no wonder why some 30 percent of our workforce is composed of charting and navigation experts to process this vast amount of information.

Data quality and accuracy

Accurate and comprehensive navigation data is key to mission success, enabling pilots to safely navigate increasingly complex airspace.  Jeppesen has nearly 90 years of experience providing data and charts with unmatched quality and accuracy. Military NavData is over four times more accurate than leading competitors1, which means greater peace of mind for military pilots and mission operations support personnel.

1Based on monthly Aviation Database and Safety Alerts published by the FAA and individual data providers.

More data is better

In order to provide more data than any other military database provider, Jeppesen meticulously analyzes an average of 47,000 pieces of source information from 190 countries every 28 days. More data and higher quality mean more value for your mission operations.

  • MORE terminal procedures
  • MORE waypoints
  • MORE airfield records
  • MORE heliports


Jeppesen vs. other data providers

Jeppesen contains more military data allowing more flexibility with your mission operations.

Jeppesen data powers more than just navigation

Jeppesen data powers advanced digital aviation solutions through the integration of highly detailed and accurate airport mapping and geospatial data products.

  • Airport Mapping Database
  • Obstacle Data
  • Terrain Data

Use cases

Many Boeing digital products leverage Jeppesen data solutions. Click the images below to learn about these products.

Want to know more?

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