Jeppesen International Trip
Planning Services

Trip planning, fueling and ground handling services for all your flight operation’s needs.

Jeppesen International Trip Planning Services (ITPS) provide tailored, flexible and optimized solutions to meet your unique trip planning, fueling and ground handling needs. With decades of expertise our 24/7/365 team works with you to build and execute a plan to support worldwide operations and augment your flight department. We fill your operational gaps, enabling your business to find more and new efficiencies.

Customized Subscription Pricing

Offered as a convenient monthly fixed volume-based service that provides predictable costs to help simplify the budgeting and billing processes. Subscription pricing is based on the customer’s response to a simple survey and is tailored to the operator’s unique flight operation’s needs.

Vast Aviation Expertise

  • More than 40 years of experience in trip planning coordination from trip inception to completion.
  • Complex itinerary and route planning with high ATC filing acceptance rates. Intricate coordination factoring weather, NOTAMs and ETOPS protocols.
  • Regulatory expertise with country permit requirements and global airspace rules to eliminate overflight violations and penalties.
  • Strong long-standing relationships with government and airport authorities.
  • Extensive experience with airport slots, local customs notifications and applicable APIS requirements.
  • Multiple operation centers that are focused on regional procedures and local knowledge

Extraordinary Service Delivery

  • Accessible and immediate support. Personalized dedicated account assistance available, with multilingual personnel available to meet your diverse needs.
  • Scalable offerings to rapidly adjust to changing environments for all your flight operations requirements. Customizable services to meet your unique demands and operational structure.
  • Comprehensive ground handling, fueling and security arrangements, in addition to hotel, ground transportation, catering and general travel services.
  • After-hours and back-up support to enhance your flight department and alleviate resource constraints or to allow your staff and crew to focus on other aspects of the operation.
  • Strict adherence to SLAs to ensure consistent quality service delivery performance and customer satisfaction rates above industry standards.

Jeppesen Trip Planning Assistant

Pilots stay connected through the Jeppesen Trip Planning Assistant mobile application

Jeppesen Trip Planning Assistant is integrated with ITP to provide essential real-time flight information in a quick reference format. Pilots can see at-a-glance:

  • Assigned flights
  • Aircraft type
  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Departure/arrival times
  • Number of segments
  • Checklist trip status and trip summary
  • Flight plan
  • Scheduled trip planning services
  • Crew and passenger information
  • METAR/TAF information

Robust Vendor Relationships with Reliable and Flexible Payment Options

  • Proven global vendor relations team who manages a thorough assessment process for choosing ground handlers and suppliers with an emphasis on safety and quality programs.
  • Established credit with worldwide third party vendors to allow for prompt payment at time of service. Jeppesen rebills you for vendor fees such as FBOs, handlers, airport fees, hotels, catering and transport companies.
  • Line-item invoicing option available that itemizes each transaction to assist with reporting and budgeting.
  • A rigorous customer survey process with feedback regularly communicated to vendors to promote continuous service and quality improvements.

Partnership with World Fuel Services

  • Gain the pricing power for the world’s largest reseller of fuel
  • Instant availability of fueling at over 3,500 airfields
  • 24/7 fuel dispatch and pricing quotes
  • All-inclusive pricing — no surprises on invoices
  • Online ordering service using customer-specific pricing

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