Jeppesen Mission Management Suite

Your integrated air operations center management solution

Jeppesen and Tapestry, both Boeing companies, have come together to create Mission Management Suite (M2S), a fully integrated air operations planning, scheduling and management system designed to enhance your command and control capabilities and streamline air operations center (AOC) workflows. M2S encompasses the full spectrum of air operations, from initial tasking through mission completion, analysis and reporting.

M2S is easy to use, manage and maintain with intuitive, efficient AOC problem solving. We also allow you to make a request for transportation designed for scaleability and availability, all while managing that information from multiple sources and presenting it in a simplified visual format.

Intuitive, efficient AOC problem solving

M2S integrates multiple core applications in one system, putting information and tools close at hand and easily accessible. At the core of M2S is an elegant, user-friendly interface that:

  • Introduces a Rich Internet Application (RIA) client with interactive displays
  • Provides real-time updates to all other areas of the operation to save time and maintain consistency
  • Produces crew orders and general declarations for all missions – automatically/at one touch
  • Includes embedded, real-time reporting features and provides analytic and cost data to help speed decision making

Track and manage the full spectrum of air operations

M2S is designed to help you track and manage requirements, assets, resources and missions, providing you, operators and other key decision makers with the world’s most comprehensive suite for mission management. Mission Management Suite is easy to use, manage and maintain. You can make a request for transportation, manage all pertinent information from multiple sources, and present it in a simplified, consolidated, visual format.

Designed for scalability and availability

The Java J2EE- based environment features an n-tiered, SOA-based design for scalability and accessibility, which provides:

  • User authentication with definable roles
  • Integrated business rules engine
  • Enterprise Service Bus technology
  • Facilitates improved integration between mission planning and flight planning
  • Detailed mission planning tools
  • Comprehensive day-of-execution capabilities
Mission Management Suite

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