Jeppesen Weight and Balance

Calculate weight and balance easily and accurately

A well-balanced aircraft is vital for safety and fuel efficiency. Our innovative and user-friendly solution lets you calculate weight and balance easily, with or without internet access. The weight and balance calculator is fully integrated for peak functionality supporting the entire spectrum of load-control activities, and makes it easy to properly load the aircraft to ensure efficient in-flight performance. By loading the aircraft at or near the aft limit, the aircraft will climb faster, cruise faster and save fuel.

Adaptability and usability tip the scales

The Weight and Balance solution offers features that make it the preferred system of leading aviation organizations. Its flexibility and ease of use are unparalleled:

  • It adapts to any organization. Whether your load control orientation is centralized or decentralized, primary/secondary, or both. It works whether your load control process extends into the cockpit or not.
  • The system is easy to learn and use, making it simple to manage mission-critical information
  • It includes an extensive set of interfaces for integrate with other Jeppesen flight planning solutions

Fully integrated for peak functionality

Weight and Balance comprises two modules – Powerloader (PC application) and eLoadsheet (web-based system). Both components share an aircraft master database and user management functions, plus eLoadsheet can be fully integrated with our flight planning solutions as well as third-party systems.

Powerloader is a stand-alone weight-and-balance calculation program with a range of powerful features. It shares an aircraft database and a user database with eLoadsheet.

It quickly and reliably synchronizes data with eLoadsheet (keeping all data is centralized and up-to-date), produces IATA standard loadsheets, eliminates math errors to ensure proper weight and balance and updates databases through

Team Powerloader with eLoadsheet to perform calculations online. This service is easy to:

  • Access – go to; no additional software required
  • Learn – user-friendly interface means minimal training
  • Protect – uses SSL 128bit encryption for maximum data protection
  • Integrate – transfer fuel and weight information
  • Share – send loadsheets/load plans to outstations via email
  • Comply – eLoadsheets are IATA, EASA, and CASA-compliant

Want to know more?

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