Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro

Deliver flight-relevant content directly to your pilots’ mobile devices

Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro (JDM Pro) is a data distribution management platform facilitating the transfer of flight and navigation information, manuals and other content to mobile devices. Streamline work processes by using a single solution to accomplish different tasks

  • Minimize labor investment by automating EFB content management and distribution
  • Reduce the likelihood of operational disruptions with the industry’s most used and most trusted content distribution platform
  • Lower data transfer costs through the use of delta (change-only) updates

The Jeppesen advantage

  • JDM Pro is the most trusted, most used data distribution manager in the industry, distributing 40 TB of data per month to 400 aviation organizations and 397,000 devices
  • Updates using delta sets reduce data transfer volumes, saving pilots time on the run and airlines download costs
  • Available as cloud-based or locally hosted platform

Additional resources

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