Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck IFR

Notice: Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is being phased out of service

The Mobile FliteDeck iPad app (may also be referenced as JeppFD) will be phased out of service for U.S. customers by year-end 2021, and all other regions in the second-half of 2022.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your subscription to Jeppesen digital charts will not change and there will be no disruption to your charting service
  • To continue accessing Jeppesen charts on a mobile device, we strongly encourage you to adopt ForeFlight Mobile, Boeing’s flagship app for general/business aviation, and the most optimal way to view Jeppesen’s worldwide chart coverages
  • If you currently access your Jeppesen digital charts via ForeFlight Mobile, another mobile app, and/or through your avionics Multi-Function Display, there is no action required
  • If you currently access your Jeppesen digital charts only via Mobile FliteDeck, you will need to have a paid subscription to ForeFlight or another compatible mobile app
  • You can try ForeFlight Mobile for free and see for yourself just how powerful it is to view Jeppesen charts in the most advanced mobile application in aviation
More information and free ForeFlight trial

The paperless cockpit is here

Designed specifically for business aviation operators as well as individuals and enthusiasts, Mobile FliteDeck 3.0 delivers the world’s best-in-class data-driven enroute data and terminal charts directly to your iPad®. With its interactive, dynamically rendered charts and data – all backed by Jeppesen quality – Mobile FliteDeck provides everything you need for improved decision making, exactly when it counts.

Mobile FliteDeck provides you with increased tactical capabilities in the cockpit through its intuitive user interface that’s designed to enhance pilot workflow in either IFR or VFR conditions. Direct feedback from pilots went into our app design so you get maximum usability and minimize heads-down time. You’ll also receive the latest alerts instantly, saving time on downloads.

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • More efficient data based on accurate, up-to-date information
  • Less complexity and improved situational awareness to increase safety
  • Better decision making through increased awareness

Streamline your entire flight process

These key features simplify decision making and improve situational and operational awareness:

  • SmartNotes cuts through the clutter to intelligently deliver pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data, and minimize pilot interactions with the mobile device
  • Organized Track System (OTS) provides critical information for oceanic flights when appropriate airports are selected
  • Fully indexed and searchable Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual text sections are available to help you better prepare for your flight
  • SID/STAR with own-ship – increase situational awareness by viewing your flight with respect to the terminal air structure
  • SID/STAR picker – select specific SID/STAR routing to fit your flight plan and operations. It makes the proposed flight track visible and the performance predictable
  • Green/amber annotations – annotate terminal charts with quick notes so all information is at hand and clearly sorted
  • VFR and cultural data layer to support VFR operations*

*Coverage for contiguous United States and select parts of Europe.

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