Jeppesen Aircraft Routing

Our Aircraft Routing solution helps airlines improve profitability by factoring in revenue forecasts, maintenance, operational costs and constraints for each subfleet, or even individual aircraft, in your operation. By modeling the unique characteristics of each subfleet, you can determine the most effective way to route your airplanes considering both commercial and operational aspects.

Generate and compare solutions in minutes

With Aircraft Routing, you can take crew connections into consideration after pairings have been created. Specialized for fleet and subfleet solutions, you can generate and compare different flight solutions in just minutes and determine the best one for your airline. You can increase:

  • Aircraft utilization
  • Revenue by adding capacity to profitable markets
  • Robustness, such as improving ground time between flights
  • Compliance with maintenance constraints
  • Schedule quality key performance indicators

Make informed decisions

Many airlines find it difficult to evaluate scenarios involving new markets or fleet changes because of the effort required to produce a solution. Aircraft Routing can help your airline:

  • Reduce the time and resource hours required to get a feasible solution
  • Produce rotations on a more accurate and up-to-date schedule
  • Improve your ability to investigate additional scenarios
  • Allow for major changes to be made while still getting optimal rotations

Create more robust and efficient routings to maximize revenue

Our market-lead optimizer aligns aircraft routings with crew pairings, maintenance and passenger bookings. Enable your network planning department to develop routing options that balance productivity, efficiency, robustness and revenue.

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