Jeppesen Total Airspace
and Airport Modeler®

Rapid airport and airspace simulation

Our Total Airspace and Airport Modeler® (TAAM) is a fast-time, gate-to-gate simulation tool that accurately predicts and analyzes the impact of present and future airspace and airport operations. TAAM presents realistic 4D models of airspace and airports to facilitate decision support, planning and analysis, effectively acting as a “virtual laboratory” for scenario evaluation.

TAAM gives you the ability to model an entire system, or a subset of your operation. Flight linking ensures that the downstream impacts of system-wide models are taken into consideration as needed, when needed. If a fully comprehensive model is unnecessary, limited models of single airports or isolated airspace may also be conducted to provide insight into a subset of an overall system.

Advantages of TAAM

  • Analyze the impact of global air traffic growth
  • Increase traffic flow and airspace utilization while maintaining safety
  • Analyze capacity for national route systems with current and future traffic levels
  • Redesign, resectorization and reclassification of airspace
  • Measure benefits of reduced vertical separation minima
  • Evaluate the implications of introducing new enroute and terminal procedures
  • Assess the impact of changes in controller workload due to traffic growth, new airspace designs and procedures

Fast-time gate-to-gate simulation

TAAM represents a premier airport and airspace simulation tool, supporting full gate-to-gate simulation across every phase of an operation, including gate usage, ground handling, deicing, taxiing, runway roll, SID utilization, airspace transit and more. It also provides a virtual laboratory within which any operational environment may be simulated, allowing for easy analysis of potential outcomes. Integration with our worldwide aviation navigation database (NavData®) and other external data sources, plus the ability to feed airspace traffic into the mix, enables users to gain a better understanding of a given environment, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Built-in access to the worldwide Jeppesen navigational database (NavData) for rapid airspace model development
  • Unlimited access to a virtual laboratory to test what-if analysis of future airspace and airport traffic operations
  • Ability to construct, edit and analyze terminal and runway simulations through all phases of flight
  • Ability to connect with third-party data through a flexible API
  • Configurable to any airport or airspace
  • Powerful, customizable reporting with an easy-to-use interface, which includes in-app support
Total Airspace and Airport Modeler

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