Tailored Maps

Customize FliteDeck Pro’s enroute map with your airline-specific content on your own schedule

Ground Controls Tailored Maps is an industry leading capability enabling operators to supplement FliteDeck Pro’s data-driven enroute map with company specific, enroute and location content, and publish to a pilot’s EFB real-time.

Operations are no longer dependent on the 28-day revision cycle to supplement standard enroute data with company enroute and airport information.  Content is created, distributed and managed within Ground Controls Tailored Maps and published to FliteDeck Pro in the right place at the right time, thus providing pilots with company information in one application, where they expect it. With its self-service capabilities that work with FliteDeck Pro, airline operations have unmatched flexibility in managing and distributing company enroute and airport data, including:

  • Fleets, ETOPS range rings, airport usage, fleet notes and aircraft wingtip clearance buffers (Airport Moving Map subscribers)
  • Company airports with details on airport contacts, company communications and notes to create FliteDeck Pro airport briefing pages
  • Location-based communications
  • Custom and reference waypoints with company communications and company notes
  • Custom and reference boundaries such as lines and polygons with company communications and company notes
  • Company routes with company communications and company notes
  • Decompression, terrain avoidance and other enroute procedures created using boundaries, waypoints, diversion targets, communications, notes and other information

Easy for Admin Staff to Learn and Utilize

  • Ground operations are in control, with the ability to send updates real-time or date specific – independent of the 28-day revision cycle.
  • Updates are sent through one app with a single sign-on, eliminating the need to reference multiple applications.
  • The modern, web-based technology is scalable, reliable, and through permissions-based access, limited to those who need it.

Pilots Never Miss an Update

  • Pilots never have to leave the FliteDeck Pro app to see updates from Ground Controls.
  • EFB information updates real-time, ensuring pilots and operations have the same information at the same time.
  • Information always goes to the same place every time, eliminating the need for a second level of notification, multiple apps, or complicated confirmation processes.

Organizational Benefits

  • Customers can directly manage content updates independent of established revision cycles. Content is updated on their own schedule, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and smoothing operations.
  • Published information is available to ground and flight, aiding in pilot assistance requests and improving situational awareness across the company.
  • Preview, publish and distribute updated tailored enroute content in-house and on-demand
  • View publishing history details and content at a glance

Ground Controls with Tailored Maps Infographic

The aviation industry is changing fast-and you need solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and collaboration. See what Grounds Controls with Tailored Maps looks like action.

View a Recorded Demo of Tailored Maps

Get a firsthand view of the incredibly powerful Tailored Maps module within Jeppesen Ground Controls. Through this new service, customers can create, publish, and manage navigational content in minutes instead of weeks, and be in control of their own company data.

In this webinar, you’ll see firsthand how the new Jeppesen Ground Controls with Tailored Maps will allow your ground operations to send updates to FliteDeck Pro X in minutes, increasing pilots’ situational awareness and improving overall operations.

Ground Controls with Tailored Maps allows you to supplement standard Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro enroute data with:

  • Your company fleets
  • ETOPS range rings
  • Airport usage
  • Notes
  • Company and location-based communications
  • Company waypoints and boundaries

Additionally, we will show how to utilize these elements to create airport briefing pages and enroute diversion, and escape procedures such as decompression and terrain avoidance.

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