Tailored Maps

Customize FliteDeck Pro’s enroute map with your own airline-specific content

Ground Controls Tailored Maps is an industry leading capability enabling operators to supplement FliteDeck Pro’s data-driven enroute map with company specific, enroute and location content.

With its self-service capabilities that work with FliteDeck Pro, airline operations have unmatched flexibility in managing and distributing company enroute and airport data, including:

  • Fleets, ETOPS range rings, airport usage, fleet notes and aircraft wingtip clearance buffers (Airport Moving Map subscribers)
  • Company airports with details on airport contracts, company communications and notes to create FliteDeck Pro airport briefing pages
  • Location-based communications
  • Custom and reference waypoints with company communications and company notes
  • Custom and reference boundaries such as lines and polygons with company communications and company notes
  • Company routes with company communications and company notes
  • Decompression, terrain avoidance and other enroute procedures created using boundaries, waypoints, diversion targets, communications, notes and other information

Features of Ground Controls Tailored Maps

  • Preview, publish and distribute updated tailored enroute content on demand
  • View publishing history details and content at a glance

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