Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor

Real-time tail-specific advisories help improve flight profile, fuel burn and flight schedules

FliteDeck Advisor is a mobile application providing pilots with real-time, tail-specific advisories needed to make small, inflight adjustments to their flight profile and flight speed to optimize their flight’s cost index and save airlines money.

Your flight optimization solution

FliteDeck Advisor analyzes data variables affecting overall aircraft flight efficiency relative to the original flight plan and models the results into easy-to-read inflight profile visualizations that graphically depict variances from optimal. Advisories are made so the flight crew can consider taking action, obtain the optimal cost index and make your airline more efficient.


  • Improve cost index– Tail-specific, real-time algorithms help pilots model in-air adjustment windows to reduce fuel and time cost by 0.5 – 2 percent.
  • Improve on-time performance– Similar algorithms help pilots utilize in-air adjustment windows to improve on-time performance.
  • Aircraft specific optimization– Optimize your cost index by considering airplane-specific performance metrics, including aircraft degradation and performance history as stored on the Aircraft Interface Device (AID).
  • Aircraft connectivity– Benefit from real-time data from the aircraft’s avionics data buses through the EFB connectivity to an AID.
  • Improve post-flight analysis– Track and record in-flight conditions and changes made by waypoint for transmission back to a data warehouse for better post-flight analysis and modeling.

The next level of flight optimization.

FliteDeck Advisor is ideal for airlines looking to build upon existing optimization solutions. By utilizing proprietary Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) knowledge, aircraft connectivity and unique algorithms, FliteDeck Advisor generates tail-specific performance recommendations superior to those in the flight management computer. It is the only optimization tool available today that takes into consideration aircraft degradation, which can be 1 – 2 percent better or worse than book value. As an aircraft is used further degradation occurs, which impacts altitude and speed profiles.

By considering past aircraft performance data stored on the AID, that information can be used to create improved analysis, better in-flight advisories, wiser actions on the flight deck and a more efficient flight.

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