Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor

The easy way to reduce cruise fuel burn and lower carbon emissions

Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor is a mobile flight optimization application providing pilots with real-time, tail-specific, in-flight advisories to improve flight profile, fuel burn, flight schedule and save airlines money.

  • Reduce cruise fuel burn by 1-2%
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Support corporate sustainability goals

Your flight optimization solution

FliteDeck Advisor analyzes data variables affecting overall aircraft flight efficiency relative to the original flight plan and models the results into easy-to-read inflight profile visualizations that graphically depict variances from optimal. Advisories are made so the flight crew can consider taking action, obtain the optimal cost index and make your airline more efficient.

Easy to implement. Easy to use.

FliteDeck Advisor is an ideal solution for airlines looking for a quick and easy way to save fuel costs and meet corporate sustainability goals.

Not only is FliteDeck Advisor simple to deploy and easy to use with any Boeing aircraft, no hardware or airplane connectivity is required, and pilot training takes less than 15 minutes.

Need help reducing fuel costs?

You can view our recent webinar on-demand to discover how FliteDeck Advisor  and its in-flight advisories have already helped Etihad and other airlines around the world reduce their cruise fuel burn, and brought them one step closer to meeting their corporate sustainability goals.

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