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Improve operations with Easy Mission Planning and Support

Militaries and governments around the world face the continual challenge of high staff turnover. It’s just the nature of the business. With each transition, you lose valuable, trained staff critical to your mission success. Continuously training and re-training burdens your force excessively and slows efficiency. The answer is Easy Mission Planning and Support, powered by ForeFlight Dispatch.

Improve operations

With Easy Mission Planning and Support, you have dedicated operations support, around the clock, and you don’t have to worry about them rotating off. They stay, you succeed. We can handle all your planning, or only the parts you need, tailored to meet the requirements of your operations.

Using the latest flight planning platforms, such as ForeFlight Dispatch, we provide precise route calculations and contingency plans, enabling you to conserve fuel, minimize wear and tear on aircraft, and reduce overall mission costs. Our services also help you synchronize multiple aircraft and coordinate with other teams.

“Many thanks for the flexibility, dedication, and creativity in making this mission happen on such short notice. Your efforts are exceptionally helpful and go a long way in helping to pull this off. Thank you, team!”

– LCDR U.S. Navy

Enhance mission focus

When you partner with us, you have dedicated experts bringing knowledge, expertise, and an additional layer of safety to your team. We learn your unique mission and build out the best plan for you to succeed, so your pilots can concentrate on core mission functions instead.

On top of that, our team of certified flight planners are available 24/7/365 to cover any last-minute changes, real-world disruptions, and knowledge support. We’re ready at a moment’s notice to provide alternate plans and recommendations to accommodate any situation.

Leverage technology

Today’s missions are incredibly complex. It takes significant training and a deep understanding of the latest technology, including ForeFlight Dispatch, to create the most successful plan. With our services, you not only get our unique human expertise, but also access to the latest technology to help enable digital superiority in your operations.

You get secure access through a custom web portal to view and revise flight mission data and status updates, enable communications with teams, make rapid changes based on current data, and share information via email and file uploads and downloads from a central location to anywhere in the world.

“[The Boeing team] was instrumental in helping us on a short notice re-tasker…they provided flight plans really fast, a good alternate for bad weather, and ‘what-if’ flight plans for an ever-changing mission.”

– Maj U.S. Air Force

Access to World Fuel Services

Our partnership with World Fuel Services allows you gain the pricing power of the world’s largest reseller of fuel and other perks including:

  • Instant availability of fueling at over 3,500 airfields
  • 24/7 fuel dispatch and pricing quotes
  • All-inclusive pricing — no surprises on invoices
  • Online ordering service using customer-specific pricing

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