Jeppesen Mission Planning & Military Dispatch Services

Jeppesen Mission Planning and Military Dispatch Services provide expert and personalized services for military and government operations.

Mission Planning and Military Dispatch Services provide global mission planning, dispatch and flight planning support for all phases of flight. These flight services are regulatory compliant and customized to each customer’s unique operation. Our 24/7/365 mission planning and military dispatch teams work with you to fill any operational gap to enable your organization to be more efficient and risk adverse. We bring decades of industry competitive expertise along with exceptional service delivery.

Military Dispatch Expertise and Risk Mitigation

All dispatchers have extensive airline and military experience, hold FAA aircraft dispatcher certifications and follow strict and sensitive regulatory compliant processes to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of flight and mission success.

While handling complex mission planning scenarios, dispatchers proactively take into account multiple operational factors that could impact a flight.

We offer expert support for U.S. DoD customers to obtain military diplomatic clearances and we have established relationships with global U.S. Defense Attaché Offices (DAO).

For international military customers, we can customize our services to match regional regulations for filing, routing and other planning components.

Enhanced Resource Management Support

  • Continuous mission planning, dispatch and diplomatic clearance support takes the burden off over-scheduled crew or operations staff required to multi-task. This can also result in reduced turnover and retraining costs.
  • Operational efficiency is increased when mission planning and dispatch are outsourced as crew and pilots can concentrate on core functions instead of diverting attention to self-manage flight planning tasks and disruptions.
  • Dispatchers serve as key decision makers for the operational part of the flight, streamlining the flight planning process and reducing the number of touch points.
  • After-hours and back-up support ensures business continuity and only having to pay for what you need.
  • Customers who buy this service do not need to purchase a flight planning solution or other dispatch related product thus reducing investment spending and operational costs.

Tailored Best-in-Class Service

Flight Dispatch Services are responsive, personalized and follow strict procedures that are unique to the customer’s military operation and specific dispatch needs. Our mission planning solution can be tailored for exclusive operations performed with non-standard aircraft during highly sensitive and specialized assignments.

Ease of Use and Transparency

  • Users can effortlessly download/upload and email mission information quickly from a central location to anywhere worldwide.
  • Customer-specific web portals allow complete visibility to view and track flight status, enable communications and execute rapid self-service change control and customizations.
  • Paperless flight release delivery provided by Jeppesen FliteBrief enables users to effectively manage the content and distribution of crew flight briefing packages, as well as flight status.

Partnership with World Fuel Services

  • Gain the pricing power for the world’s largest reseller of fuel
  • Instant availability of fueling at over 3,500 airfields
  • 24/7 fuel dispatch and pricing quotes
  • All-inclusive pricing — no surprises on invoices
  • Online ordering service using customer-specific pricing

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