Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X

Trusted leader of the EFB evolution

FliteDeck Pro X is the newest member of the FliteDeck Pro family, the industry’s first, best and most reliable mobile airline charting application used by more than 380 aviation organizations every day. Its data-driven, interactive maps and Jeppesen flight data can help your aviation operation climb to a new level of efficiency.

Backup redundancies minimize potential flight disruptions

Our cloud-based network and web-based backup service assure your pilots that they always have the navigational charts needed to keep your fleet moving safely.

World-class customer support with you every step of the way

Our world class customer service representatives are at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist your airline operation with guidance and support, wherever and whenever needed.

FliteDeck Pro X

Looking to make the move from paper to digital?

To learn more about how our mobile EFB solutions can help your airline operation transition to a dynamic paperless cockpit, contact your Jeppesen Support Professional today.

Would you like to remove paper from your briefing process, too?

Combine FliteDeck Pro X with Jeppesen Aviator, the all-in-one EFB application that provides centralized access to a seamless, integrated suite of EFB tools and become a truly paperless operation.

Jeppesen Aviator

Improve pilot situational awareness on the ground

See how Airport Moving Maps improve pilot situational awareness during ground movements through ownship depiction on highly-detailed mobile EFB maps.

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