Aviator Briefing

Improve your flight briefings

Aviator Briefing, a module available as part of Jeppesen Aviator, helps airlines reduce flight plan production, distribution and storage costs through a complete digitization of the flight briefing process. It contributes to better flight briefing quality and timeliness, reduces the likelihood of data errors and facilitates an improved post-flight analysis.

Aviator Briefing benefits

  • Reduced production costs by eliminate paper, toner and other printing expenses
  • Reduced distribution and storage cost by eliminate the need to distribute and store printed documents
  • Reduced labor expenses by eliminate the need for handling agents to personally deliver flight briefings and manual post-flight data entry
  • Streamlined processes by digitally transferring flight briefings in real-time, reaching any connected pilot immediately, anywhere in the world
  • Increased flight briefing quality by digitally transferring the most recent flight briefing information closer to flight departure assuring pilots have the right information at the right time
  • Improved post-flight analysis by granting dispatch immediate access to all post-flight information in digital form and eliminate data errors previously caused by manual post-flight data entry processes
  • Live weather in text and chart format

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