Aviator Dashboard

Your most important flight information at a glance

Aviator Dashboard, a module available as part of Jeppesen Aviator, offers pilots an at a glance view of key flight information from various integrated EFB applications. twenty-three configurable dashboard tiles streamline a pilot’s workflow and automatically directs them to more detailed information with just the touch of a finger

Aviator Dashboard benefits

In addition to viewing weather information provided in their flight briefing package, pilots can also review current weather along their route, to base their decisions on the most up-to-date weather data.

Aviator Dashboard includes:

  • Graphical Route Overview for improved situational awareness
  • Tailored workflow can be achieved through 23 dashboard tiles
  • One-touch uplink aircraft connectivity
  • Quick access to integrated Jeppesen applications
    • Quick one-touch access to origin and arrival charts within
      Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro
    • Quick one-touch sharing of the route in FliteDeck Pro
    • Automatically share flight plan data with Boeing Onboard Performance Tool
  • Secure pilot authentication with Jeppesen FliteBrief

Additional Aviator modules

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Additional resources

Here’s everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Aviator Dashboard.

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