Aviator Navlog

Essential data for critical decision-making in any condition

Aviator Navlog, a module available as part of Jeppesen Aviator, enables pilots to view time and fuel trends at a glance along with meteorological and waypoint information needed to make informed decisions and take appropriate action in every condition. Navlog utilizes a full waypoints list and an interactive weather map to review critical data along your pilot route.

In addition to viewing weather information provided in their flight briefing package, pilots can also review current weather along their route, to base their decisions on the most up-to-date weather data.

Aviator Navlog Includes:

  • Time and fuel trends at a glance
  • Interactive weather map with flight route
    • Day or night mode
    • Configurable weather layers
      • Wind temperatures
      • Turbulence
      • Radar
    • Capture flight plan actuals on the interactive map

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