Aviator Content Viewer

Efficiently manage and view digital airline documents

Aviator Content Viewer, a module available in Jeppesen Aviator, helps streamline pilot workflow by providing access to all documents related to their active flight within a single viewer, including the backup flight plan, backup navigational charts (Trip Kits) and NOTAMs. Plus, your most important reference documents can be directly pinned to the Aviator Dashboard for even quicker reference.

Stay current, stay personlized

Aviator Content Viewer helps you keep your company documents current, without your pilots losing their own personalized content such as highlighted text or personal notes.

Aviator automatically downloads updated documents at intervals you define. If Aviator can match highlighted text in the old document, the app automatically moves the highlights to the updated document. If your pilot added notes to the earlier version of the document, they can choose to keep those annotations as well.

Filter and search documents

Aviator Content Viewer is easy to use, thanks to its filter and search functions. It allows your pilots to filter documents by name, date, aircraft type, fleet, favorites or recently viewed. They can also search for content in all text, only highlighted text or even their personal notes.

View, organize and manage documents

Aviator Content Viewer provides many options for viewing and managing document folders, including:

  • View documents in night or day mode
  • Keep up to six documents opened at one time
  • Change scrolling preference from left to right, or up to down
  • View document folders and the number of items within the folders in list or grid form
  • View lists of documents that you have highlighted, bookmarked or added notes to
  • Create, rename or delete personal folders
  • Export a document to a PDF or to other apps on your device
  • Print on an AirPrint printer
  • And more

Additional Aviator modules

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Additional resources

Here’s everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Aviator Content Viewer.

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