Aerodrome Operating Minimums

Get ready for the new standard Aerodrome Operating Minimums (AOM)

We are implementing a new Standard AOM, which adopts ICAO standards and better serves developments in aviation, including:

  • Continuous descent final approach flight technique
  • Approaches with vertical guidance
  • Enhanced vision systems
  • Performance based navigation
  • and more

What is changing?

The new standard will replace the original “Explanation of Common airport Operating Minimum Specifications” (ECOMS) on Jeppesen Airway Manual charts. The systematic conversion from ECOMS to the new Standard AOM will begin January 2020 and may affect operators differently depending on the nature of their operations, flight routes, and country of origin.

Why the new standard?

Our original standard for AOM, known as ECOMS, was significantly influenced by U.S. FAA TERPS visibility tables, which were widely accepted when ECOMS was originally created in the late 1970s.

Over the years, we have been involved in initiatives to develop new, harmonized global AOM concepts. These industry efforts led to the development of Joint Aviation Authorities JAR-OPS, then EASA AIR OPS and the publication of the fourth edition of ICAO’s Doc 9365 Manual of All-Weather Operations (AWOM). This sparked the decision to replace the aged ECOMS with a new Jeppesen AOM concept, which is aligned with the new ICAO AWOM.

How can I prepare?

Please visit our publications page to learn more. It contains all the documents you need to be ready for the new Standard Aerodrome Operating Minimums.

All operators, especially those who operate internationally, are encouraged to become familiar with ICAO Doc 9365 AWOM with respect to possible implications.


Release of new standard AOM concept

Airports converted to the new AOM Standard

The PDF which is available via the link below lists the airports which are converted to the New Jeppesen Aerodrome Operating Minimums Standard (Dec 2021).

Want to know more?

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