Improve Operational Efficiency and Minimize Potential Disruptions

Jeppesen JetPlanner is a family of flight planning and dispatch systems used throughout the world by leading commercial and business aviation operators. Leveraging the JetPlan optimization engine, dispatchers and operations staff using JetPlanner can easily generate optimized flight plans that minimize operational cost.


JetPlanner minimizes potential disruptions with first-time flyable routes in complex airspace systems and is specifically designed to fully leverage the advanced route optimization capabilities of JetPlan, the premier flight planning engine. Its advanced graphical interface provides airlines with intuitive access to critical information to reduce disruption risks, fuel costs, flight times and overflight charges.

JetPlanner v4 and JetPlanner Pro are two powerful flight planning products in the JetPlanner family designed to support basic and complex flight planning operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced graphical interfaces for fingertip control of multiple sector planning
  • Access to JetPlan flight planning engine
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Open architecture messaging for integrating external applications
  • Optimized flight plans with selectable optimization parameters
  • Customized user data
  • Integrated Jeppesen Navigational Data
  • Integrated Jeppesen Terminal Charts
  • Graphical Route Planning
  • Customized plan formats
  • ATC filing


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