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JetPlanner Pro v1.3 is Here!

JPP v1.3 introduces new features designed to improve efficiency and reduce dispatcher workload.  With JPP v1.3 dispatchers have more time to focus on those flights and crews that need immediate attention.

JPP 1.3 Release Screen Shot

JPP v1.3 New Features:

  • An enhanced enroute chart makes ad hoc planning a snap through improved visualization of SIDs/STARs as well as user defined special airspace. Add route elements with a click of the mouse.
  • Improved in-flight diversion tool streamlines the process of planning and verifying reroutes while enroute. Greater flexibility in planning the revised routing and better situational awareness of the original route allow dispatchers to respond quickly when flights are being rerouted.
  • NOTAM and weather management was enhanced to provide dispatchers greater control of how weather reports and NOTAMS are organized and presented which makes it easier and faster to brief any flight.
  • Automation improvements further reduce the manual steps required to dispatch a flight, allowing dispatchers to get more flights out on time.
  • ADS-B Service Availability Reports can now be requested directly from within the JPP user interface, eliminating the need to use external websites.
  • Software architectural enhancements mean internal JPP databases are managed more effectively reducing database access times and improving overall performance.

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency Through Optimized Flight Planning

JetPlanner Pro provides your dispatchers and operations staff with a powerful, end-to-end flight planning and dispatch solution that uses a unique fuel, time, and cost performance index to generate optimized routes and efficient flight plans, leading to lower operating costs. JetPlanner Pro delivers multiple scenario analysis for optimized route planning in complex airspace. Its intuitive graphical interface and rules-based configurable automation are among the functionalities for demanding flight planning environments. Our solution minimizes potential disruptions with first-time flyable routes in complex airspace systems and is specifically designed to leverage the advanced route optimization capabilities of the premier flight planning engine on the market.

Elegant, modern and intuitive optimization


JetPlanner Pro is a powerful and up to date software solution that enables flight planners and dispatchers to do their jobs efficiently and best optimize their aviation operations. Among its benefits, JetPlanner Pro:

  • Standardizes briefing materials
  • Boasts a modern user interface optimized for automated, manual and ad hoc flight planning
  • Leverages Jeppesen’s suite of data services, including NOTAMs and weather
  • Features a robust messaging protocol enables integration with third party systems
  • Uses advanced automation that lets flight planners focus on complex, high-value tasks
  • Has access to worldwide navigation information that is unparalleled in quality

Plus, if you need assistance with JetPlanner Pro, you can call on Jeppesen’s Professional Services team, and we will be glad to help you.

A complete, integrated flight planning solution

Featuring the most robust flight optimization portfolio on the market today, JetPlanner Pro offers end-to-end efficiency through all phases of flight.

  • Graphical and text alerts enhance situational awareness
  • Rules-based automation reduces load on staff providing time for high-priority tasks
  • NOTAM management tool reduces workload and highlights flight-critical data
  • Integrated graphical weather overlays expose operational challenges and disruptions
  • Simple access to planned and actual flight data lets your team make better-informed decisions

How to do More with Less

Discover how JetPlanner Pro can help your commercial aviation operation improve efficiency and reduce dispatcher workload by viewing this recorded demo.

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