Jeppesen Inserted Charts

Send Company Content Directly to Pilot’s EFBs

Ground Controls Inserted Charts enables you to publish company charts and other content to the appropriate EFB independent of established cycles, either on-demand or date-specific.

The Inserted Charts tool improves flight crew efficiency by making all company content available in the same place, on FliteDeck Pro, ensuring pilots see the information they need, when they need it, to make informed decisions.

Features of Ground Controls Inserted Charts

  • Create and distribute customized content independent of established cycles either real-time or date specific
  • Convert PDF charts and multi-page files to a format that can be viewed in day or night mode on FliteDeck Pro
  • Insert content to the right airport and category within FliteDeck Pro (i.e., Company Charts, Approach, Taxi, etc.)
  • Distribute content to FliteDeck Pro, Trip Kit and Chart Viewer simultaneously so your ground teams and pilots see the same information at the same time
  • Manage your company content with easy to use reports and exports
  • Bulk load and insert large sets of files such as government or military charts to the respective airport and category
  • Utilize Ground Controls as a repository for all uploaded content with history details on past actions

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