Quantify critical fatigue risk factors throughout your entire crew management process.

Jeppesen Concert is a business intelligence solution with focus on everything that matters around fatigue risk. You have the ability to use Concert with any crew management solution – not limited to Jeppesen products. Quantify fatigue risk and more than 120 other metrics for all of your crew pairings and rosters over several years, for planned, published, and actual data. Perform trend analysis to derive deeper insights.

Run powerful analysis from anywhere

Concert is a cloud-based, self-service analytics solution incorporating Qlik Sense. Perform analysis and configure reports from any web browser. And with seamless integration with CrewAlert, you can perform more advanced what-if scenario analysis.


With Concert, your teams can:

  • Easily connect to your existing solutions. Access anywhere – no local installation needed!
  • Perform full analysis of historical data, whenever required.
  • Design your own dashboards with Qlik Sense.
  • Produce automatic reports with trend detection.
  • Choose any fatigue model, including the Boeing Alertness Model, over CAPI with ease.
  • Proactively manage fatigue planning throughout your entire crew management process

Want to learn more?

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