Fatigue Risk Management for Crew Solutions

Use the leading science with your crew solutions

Whether you use your own crew solution or ours, Jeppesen can support your entire crew management process. The Boeing Alertness Model can be connected to an in-house system, Jeppesen crew management products, as well as products from third-parties. Using a fatigue model tightly integrated to your crew solution provides your planners direct access to view fatigue risk predictions, supporting improved decision making when activating a stand-by crew, considering rostering or pairing changes, and even quantifying and suppressing overall risk in a solution for thousands of crew members during optimization.

Key benefits

With our Fatigue Risk Management products, your teams can:

  • Suppress risk proactively while optimizing crew pairing and rosters
  • Distribute risk fairly over your crew during roster optimization
  • Distribute risk “horizontally” in the rosters, making sure crew get additional time between challenging periods
  • Evolve your rule set to better limit fatigue risk
  • Use what-if scenarios to show equivalent levels of safety to regulators
  • Guide manual decision making in your native crew solution with fatigue markers and reports built in
  • Easily analyze fatigue trends over time
  • Use fatigue risk alerts in your crew tracking to highlight risks on the day of operation

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