Jeppesen Avionics Data Services

Avionics data solutions

Used by airlines, corporate flight departments, and almost every major avionics manufacturer in the world, Jeppesen avionics data offers you the most complete and accurate aeronautical information available. 

  • Coverage: Only Jeppesen offers worldwide coverage, with coverage to more than 7,000 airports 
  • Content: Beyond the data for pure navigational data Jeppesen provides also obstacle and terrain data as well as electronic charts – and all for many different platforms from different manufacturers.
  • Accuracy: Because we expect nothing less than the best ourselves, information analysts meticulously edit and verify an average of nearly 600,000 database transactions monthly. Only original source documents are analyzed against the extensive and detailed data available and run through the thousands of business rules in our unrivaled database.
  • Configurability: We can tailor NavData specifically for your needs – or you can configure it yourself. No other solution offers the flexibility of Jeppesen NavData 
  • Concierge-level service: Jeppesen has NavData experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with any issues 

Compatible with every avionics provider

No matter where you are flying or what you are flying with, Jeppesen avionics data solutions are available on a variety of avionics devices.

Updating your avionics data is easy with Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM), a free software program that you can use to manage and update your data. You simply upload the data to your avionics system where and when it's convenient for you.

The Four Phases of Transforming Raw Source Into NavData

Find out how every 28 days, Jeppesen takes up to 47,000 pieces of raw aeronautical information from 195 nations and turns it into Jeppesen NavData® used by pilots around the world.

Jeppesen Obstacle Database

Comprised of up-to-date data from digital and paper sources from governmental civil aviation and military agencies around the world, the Jeppesen Obstacle Database is the world’s most complete and most trusted database of natural and human-made obstacles relevant to aviation.  

Attributes contained in the database include: 

  • Obstacle type 
  • Geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) 
  • Elevation MSL 
  • Coordinate datum* 
  • Height AGL 
  • Number of structures per obstacle* 
  • Lighting* 
  • Vertical and horizontal accuracy* 

*Included if known 

Jeppesen Terrain Database

The Jeppesen Terrain Database provides accurate terrain data to prevent controlled flight into terrain and to manage terrain avoidance warning systems. Like thousands of other pilots, dispatch and other flight operation planners, you can count on the Jeppesen Terrain Database to provide you with the most accurate information possible when there’s no room for error.  

  • The Jeppesen Terrain Database provides a global, uniform, high-quality terrain data source 
  • Base terrain layer resolution meets the basic accuracy requirements of US FAA Technical Standard Order C151b, Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, and Area 1 under ICAO Annex 15 
  • Jeppesen proprietary topography algorithms fill in any voids in SRTM data 
  • Trace any elevation value back to its original source via intuitive graphical metadata 
  • Terrain data is produced, maintained and distributed according to assurance level 3 requirements established by RTCA Document DO-200A, Standards for Processing of Aeronautical Data 

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