Digital Aviation & Analytics

Boeing and its family of service companies believes analytics transforms data to reveal insights that empower a world of limitless possibilities.

We provide customers with a comprehensive set of solutions and business flexibility to maximize value from analytics. At Boeing, we know it’s not just about the data—it’s what you do with it.

Self-Service Analytics

With our Self-Service Analytics tool, customers have the ability to query their data to discover insights that lead to actionable results.

Boeing currently has data sets from more than 200 airlines and 14,000 aircraft. Example data sets:

  • Airplane Health Management
  • Crew Fatigue
  • Flight Planning
  • In-Service Reliability

Consulting Services

Customer operations can put the power of Boeing’s data scientists to work for them.

By engaging Boeing’s data scientists, mathematicians, domain experts and incubator labs Boeing has helped more than 100 airline customers interpret their data to achieve results.

Examples of value created through engaging our services:

  • Optimized maintenance programs lead to savings
  • Predictive maintenance analysis creates reductions in inspection costs
  • Schedule robustness generates crew savings
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Digital Solutions

Boeing and its family of companies provides the aviation industry with the broadest and deepest portfolio of digital solutions that span your operation’s flight ecosystem.

Global Service

With a focus on innovative services in digital aviation and analytics, engineering as well as supply chain logistics and training support, Boeing and its family of service companies will deliver agile, cost-competitive solutions, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, so customers can reduce costs, drive efficiency and optimize operations.

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