Aviator Weather

Essential weather data for critical decision-making in any weather condition

Aviator Weather, a module available as part of Jeppesen Aviator, provides pilots with the meteorological information needed to make informed decisions and take appropriate action in every weather condition.

In addition to viewing weather information provided in their flight briefing package, they can also review current weather along their route, to base their decisions on the most up-to-date weather data.

Aviator Weather includes:

  • Interactive weather map with flight route
  • Ability to mark favorite charts for quick access
  • Winds and temperatures aloft data
  • Dispatch weather, including:
    • Airport weather
    • METAR text reports
    • TAF text reports
    • SIGMENTS / Convective SIGMETs text reports
    • Hazard briefing
    • Upper air data
    • PIREP reports
    • AIRMETs in raw or decoded form
    • Region weather
    • Graphical reports in text, PDF or HTML form

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