19 May 2024

NavData Change Notice South Pacific

South Pacific Includes: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Fiji Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, Major Airports only.

Included Regions (2)
Australia, Pacific Basin
Included Areas (13)
Aleutian Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, New South Wales, New Zealand, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Southeast Asia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia

NavData Alerts are designed to inform commercial NavData subscribers, including airlines, avionics companies, and aviation service providers, of changes and errors to databases issued by Jeppesen. Alerts are not designed for individual pilot notification but are intended to supplement the NavData Notices by disseminating time critical information that could have a significant impact on flight operations. Alerts contain safety-of-flight information including, but not limited to, incorrect turn directions, altitudes, airway changes, and SID/STAR/Approach procedures. This information typically affects Jeppesen’s master database, and as a result, can impact any Jeppesen NavData customer or user of avionics databases derived from Jeppesen NavData. Often the posting of an Alert is the result of late or incorrect aviation information provided by government civil aviation authorities, the c

NavData Change Notice South Pacific
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