Jeppesen Fleet Insight

Next Generation Flight Tracking

Fleet Insight is your one-stop-shop live flight tracking solution for increased situational awareness and operational efficiency. Stay ahead of changing flight conditions with integrated flight plan, Jeppesen NavData®, weather, NOTAM information, flight insights and much more.

Whether you want to follow an individual flight or track your entire fleet – Fleet Insight provides you with a holistic overview of your current fleet status and performance. Coupling terrestrial and space-based ADS-B, ACARS and MLAT data, Fleet Insight also supports GADSS compliant position reporting.

The one-stop-shop for dispatch and operations personnel

What if you could anticipate disruptive events, better understand the consequences of specific decisions and better mitigate the impact of disruptions? Fleet Insight is uniquely positioned to help dispatch and operations personnel by integrating:

  • Live and scheduled flights
  • Global 4D live flight tracking (supporting GADSS compliance)
  • Flight NOTAMs and weather
  • Jeppesen NavData® and smart maps
  • World-wide airline traffic
  • Fleet wide Gantt chart
  • Flight insights and customizable alerts

Operator value

Optimized situational awareness Supporting GADSS compliance
Insight-driven operational decisions Cloud-hosted, integrated platform
Improved operator efficiency Minimal to no training needed
Watch our video to discover how Fleet Insight simplifies Flight Tracking

Industry leading weather data

  • Quickly visualize if a flight is affected by weather conditions with state-of-the-art graphical weather overlays by The Weather Company
  • Multiple current and forecast overlays, including turbulence, radar reflectivity, icing, volcanic ash and others
  • Display weather for the entire map or on enroute basis
  • Textual flight and airport weather complement your weather insights

Flight insights for improved decision-making

  • Wide range of flight event insights
  • Delayed or early arrivals, squawks, holding and diversion detection, lateral and vertical flight plan deviation, excessive vertical speed and missed position alerts
  • Intuitive alert concept with color codes and customizable alert thresholds

Airlines around the world succeed with Fleet Insight

We have been working with the Fleet Insight tool for a few months, within our flight planning, monitoring and control processes. We have found a great variety of benefits and facilities for our operations. The system offers a friendly interface and a wide variety of weather layers that make it easy to plan and track a safe flight. Likewise, it integrates information from NOTAMs and a view of the actual course of the flight vs. the planned route according to OFP, which allows us more precise control in following the flight.

One of the great advantages that we have found are the alerts that Fleet Insight gives us in case of route deviations, level changes, holdings, etc.
Being a new and developing system, there is a great commitment in the optimization of the tool, by the Fleet Insight team, with new improvements to come and greater benefits for the operators.

Luciano Menseguez, IOCC, arajet

Jeppesen NavData and smart airport maps

  • Integration with Jeppesen’s well-known aviation charts with detailed terrain, obstacle, airways and airspace information with the same look and feel across the Jeppesen product portfolio
  • Over 1,000 smart airport vector maps to follow your aircraft up to its parking position

Easy flight following with these additional features

  • Desk assignments
  • Comparison of flown route vs. planned and ATC cleared route
  • Interactive Gantt Chart for holistic overview on fleet performance and status
  • Display of worldwide traffic, powered by FlightRadar24
  • Phase of flight history
  • Taxi Times Nowcast
  • ACARS Live Fuel
  • …and many more to come!

Unlock increased situational awareness and operational efficiency with Fleet Insight

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