Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot Maneuvers Animations

The Guided Flight Discovery (GFD) Pilot Training System provides the finest pilot training available. Rather than just teaching facts, Guided Flight Discovery concentrates on an application-oriented approach to pilot training. Click on a graphic below to see an animation that corresponds to the maneuvers described in the GFD Private Pilot Maneuvers manual and in the Jeppesen Private Pilot online course. In addition to a step-by-step maneuver diagram/animation as shown here, each of these products includes procedure descriptions that help you visualize and understand each maneuver. The online course also provides point-of-view video of the maneuver being performed as an instructor talks you through the procedure. To purchase the Private Pilot Maneuvers manual, the Jeppesen Private Pilot online course or any of the other GFD pilot training products, please visit us online at