Tailored Charts for Avionics

Flexibility in displaying flight-critical information

Our Tailored Service has provided commercial airlines and business aviation operators for years with a complete system of high-quality, accurate and standardized aviation charts, procedures and information to efficiently plan and fly IFR flights—with your data and your requirements—anywhere in the world. In addition, we are pleased to introduce the option to display tailored charts in selected front-panel avionics systems.

Choose where and when to view mission critical information

With this new option Pilot and Co-Pilot are enabled to plan and execute their task sharing more effectively. Your cockpit operation will become more efficient by displaying alternate data on different devices for a more comprehensive picture of your flight profile. This significantly increases safety aspects and mission success. In addition, our solution reduces paper in the cockpit and heads down time by increasing situational awareness with:

  • More flexibilityChoose where you want to display your tailored information – Tailored and standard charts can be selected independently either on your mobile device or on your front panel avionics.
  • Improved workflow – Reduce pilot heads down time and searching by supplementing charts with company-specific information and content.
  • Save paper – No extra paper charts or backup required with standard and tailored charts available on different navigational devices.
  • Less heads down time – Pilots identify mission or company relevant data more easily and are able to concentrate more on flying.
  • Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy – Independent systems and data distribution processes between mobile and avionics provides less disruption to flight operations in the rare event one encounters issues.

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Tailored Charts for Avionics product
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