How to Add Additional User Contact Points to your Account?

Proceed to online marketplace: In the upper right-hand corner click the login button:


Enter in login credentials, accept terms & conditions, and then hit LOG IN. You will be redirected back to the homepage. From there, click again on the Account icon highlighted in red above. Then click on MY COMPANY.




From the MY COMPANY page, click ADD NEW.



Fill in the details and list the role selection under Roles for the new user. Roles are defined as such:

Admin: Allows users to login, make purchases, edit the account and manage users

Customer:  Allows users to purchase purchase on the account

Manager: Will be allow to update the account and purchase.

Once complete, hit SAVE. After saving, you can edit the information, set up a manual password, or disable a user.

* If a manual password is not set, the new user will get a password reset email upon login